Saturday, July 1, 2006

it's a pimple and dimple today

i turned on the tube
and what did i see
i guy with a pimple and then
a pimple a dimple all lined up in three
i turned off the telly again

i went to my room
to muse what i saw
and bemuse and confuse such a sight
why was it so, for me to then draw
this affront, cause it just isn't right

but i picked up a pen
and i tried to depict
what had recently flooded my eyes
the torturous sight was a dubious trick
to play on formitive mind

i continued to make
a creation to fill
a repulsive particular need
and while i can't say i redundantly will
to forgive this reaction to be

to be or to die
is a poser you know
and it's one that we all have to weigh
whether drawing or walking away from the show
it's a pimple and dimple today

so make it create it
and let it come out
in a way that is wholly your own
and use what is there to eradicate doubt
after all this whole place is our home


smita sharma said...

Cheek dimples are truly delightful. The most ideal approach to make dimples in somebody who does not have them is by a short, surgical technique that could be performed in the workplace under a nearby sedative

Smita sharma

dwdeclare said...


why does it have to be performed in the workplace? i mean, people have got work to do, motherfucker. they can't be messing around getting dimples willy nilly. and even if they did agree to have the procedure done at work, suppose the sedative isn't nearby? what do you suggest then, a sledgehammer to the head? for FUCK'S, man...THINK!

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