Friday, June 30, 2006

World Cup 2006

so what's all the fuss with the world cup!
i just watched the game between germany and argentina and some german player (i don't know his name...shei├čekuchen or ubermensch) was tapped by an argentinian and went down like lee harvey oswald shot by jack ruby! man, i thought the germans were supposed to be tougher than that, what with the whole nazi episode and all. it's no wonder they lost the war (whoops...i forgot...DON'T MENTION THE WAR!).

and why is it called the world cup anyway when they don't even win a cup. they win some dime store replica of an oscar that looks like a bat holding up a horta egg. and the award for the team with the most crybaby prima donnas goes to...

and the logo? i mean forget about it! i can see a 6 for 2006, but what's with all the smiley faces...and where's the 2? there's nothing but three other zeros there. this is the worst logo i've ever seen. i guess the smiles are supposed to represent the happy, well behaved german fans enjoying some delightful football. and how come only the little orange guy has hair? this really looks like a hastily assembled logo done by somebody who has perhaps enjoyed a few too many oktoberfests.


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