Friday, July 7, 2006

suicidal fetus

down, down, down
she told me she's down
clownin' around on the merry-go-round
around and around and around

it's a stomatic day and the leaves are breathing
the trees are winding
cause their seeds are still dreaming

wettened glasses are reflecting contemplative dew
sliding onto the once live table
now serving an undeserved
death sentence

to serve man
cause he has hands
an opposable thumb
they are the disposable ones

the displaced wretched
enslave them and make them subservient
to serve as your serviette
you may still yet live to regret
the murder before your eyes

my glass needs filling
my belly needs more killing
b-52 beatnik
in spontaneous ridiculous bloodlust

i have seen america
and it is beautiful
the misotrophic buttes
and the philanthropic flutes
playing for the slaughtered many

america is not a country
the world is not for your labelling
nobody owns the land and sky
everything does

humans make the mistake
of thinking too much about themselves
of separating themselves
from the dust from whence they've come

the dirt is our home
vitamin b12
sitting by yourselves it oughta don on ya

acceptance and rejection
flacid penis then erection
childhood breast
orgasmic breaths
write the future life conception

i saw a canada thistle
growing in a bus stop crack
roundup was used to kill her
and the killer cracked a laugh

i used to think that she used to think
that she loved me once you know
but i was mistaken
my dreams were forsaken
for a hand that would eventually show

the blood 'tween the nails
and the bones sporting pails
of osteoclastic dust
entering in through receptors
stirring protective rejectors
i thought she was beautiful

anchor shipwreck cocksman three
carpet growing starfish sea
wooden blanket fathers booze
bunyon dishrag nike shoes

orange bluebell grandma day
table marble further lay
window flyswat murder tear
campbell soupcan brickhouse near

guitar crumble basement drain
friendly neighbor gone insane
potsmoke beercan urine splash
leopard acid kiss my ass

drunken psycho lsd
he's taken all my dignity
couch look car boys sitting there
mocking pointing angry stare

ping pong paddle stoner games
redhot poker lost again
sixteen birthdays older now
porno future known somehow

mountain breastmilk sexy suck
target yoyo robot duck
toolset chalkboard barbie van
hotwheel derby smash flattened gland

dogbite heatwave weightlift gut
doorbell lawnchair gobpile guff
cleanup sunshine jesus nun
streetsweep carfinger breakin one

basement basemant basemint birth
rumdrink doctor dumb isn't the first
retard motorbike skipping ahead
young child in the womb longs to be dead


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