Sunday, July 2, 2006


"i'm no fucking good
it's just so unfuckingbelievable
how no fucking fucking good i am
i'm such a fucking loser and a moron

everything i fucking touch turns to shit
fuck you charlie brown

crumple it up
and throw it all away
delete the shit
it's all shit all of it

start fresh
why start anew at all
who gives a shit

the cars keep polluting
the animals keep being slaughtered
and people still keep having fun
fuck 'em

whose a fucking poet
whose a fucking musician
whose a fucking drawer, a painter or mortician
for the cycle of creation/destruction

let it all rot to manure
and serve as compost for something really beautiful
and useful unto itself
like a dandelion
fuck people who poison dandelions
don't they recognize art?"

i see you point
and i understand you completely
but you must realize
it's not about whether or not you're a 'good enough' artist
or how smart you are
or how shitty the world is,
it's all about you loving another.
whether they are people, animals or plants
it is your purpose and duty to care about their well-being
and be concerned for the interests that other creatures have
in living a life free from torment and suffering
that people cause all those who are capable of having a good-of-their-own.
your happiness is a beneficial byproduct of doing the kind and compassionate thing.
do you understand ?


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