Friday, July 14, 2006

love is better than hate

it took a while for the clock to tick
but once it did
i felt a prick
in the back of the line
it took a while for the thought to click but once it did it went through me like a midwife with the aborted baby's knife

the vermiform appendage stuck to me and dripped bloody flowers onto the bed. it was a hot day i knew it would have been anyway.the brass bed was red. the mattress stank of cuntry and western slaughter. the nerds laughter rang out in sinful disguise. the baby had four yeses and a runny nose and eyes in the back of its dead head. it could see but it couldn't plead anymore

i couldn't read anymore. i had to run out of the room back into my mother's tomb. i heard a murmur, then a thud i think she landed in the soggy mud. it was the mid-sixties i remember or was it december of the tenement house where she was a tenant with a mouse for a friend and a lended hand for sexual gladification. she graduated with honors and left the street when love became a love and a love became a whore. next door the flowers knew how to grow, she loved them, i removed them like blue cheese molding in the fridge and threw it away.

oh what fun it is to deride when the blond girl thinks she is ugly. the music rang and saturday sang on october first when she was next to be cathected and rereleased into the christian cathedral.

love is better than hate


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