Friday, December 30, 2011

dwdeclare - Anonypuss

hey look! it's the new album by dw! 
dw? not dwdeclare? is it out now?
ah ha.
oh dw! dw, how could you do such a thing?
ha! why do you think? because of you, you little tramp!
this go 'round, all the songs on dw's new album are arranged for the first time according to height and popularity.

tell you what i'm gonna do. for today only, and for the rest of time, i'm gonna let you download this album gratis and pro bono. that's right my latin fiend...i mean friend...i said free and for the public good. all yous gots to do is click on this word here (or the download torrent fidgety widget below) and then follow the yellow brick torrent.

included with this deal is dwdeclare's smash hit breakout first album as well as a complementary blowjob (just kidding...that one i'll have to charge you for). so act now or forever hold your penis.


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