Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey Toronto and everyone else in the "greatest country in the world"...Reduce the amount of garbage you create!

bottom line (or bottom of the continuum) consider the impact that your actions have on others. but that's hard isn't it. it means reduce the garbage you create. it means consider where your food comes from. it means not using the air, water and land as our dumping ground. it means not breeding and being part of the exploding human population that thinks it has a god given right to this planet above all other creatures.

recycling banana peels is avoiding the issue....stop drinking your precious tim horton's coffee (with two cups so you don't burn your little fingers), stop with the fast's garbage for the body and now it's garbage on the streets.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Root Of All Evil

a good rule of thumb for detecting institutions, industries and belief systems which are deleterious to society and individuals is spotting those which try to suppress the truth (eg religion, capitalism, oil companies, the meat and dairy industry). that being the case, science and moral philosophy seem to be good bets for the future as they seek the truth, are not afraid of it and want to share it with the rest of the world. bad news for all you priests and politicians, capitalists and masters of war. your days are numbered, for the truth is out there and you cannot keep it from being heard forever.

so in conclusion let me just say that i nominate richard dawkins and peter singer as the spokespeople for a kinder, more enlightened future.

Friday, June 12, 2009


the philosopher paul churchland at the 2006 beyond belief conference gave a speech where he said these words and i want to type them here so i won't forget them because i thought it was bang on.. OKAY !!!? so here it is....ready?

he said...

where does morality come from? it comes from looooooooooooong experience, just as where science comes from. and the process is slooooooooooooow. and the hope that you can settle something quickly by finding a touchstone which can serve you forever is something which has infected badly most of the world's major religions and even philosophers of moral science. now if this is true then dogma is the basic problem here, because if you think you already have the absolute truth, whether scientific or moral, then you have a can no longer learn.

and now for the man himself...ladies and gentlemen i give you...
paul churchland