Friday, July 21, 2006

how hot is it today?

i heard the caragana seeds crackling today
like a mountain bonfire
in the scorching pollution
with the sunlight blowing through the leaves
on the crackered path
the shade wasn't really there
but the cats always always think its material

gathering and interpreting data
everything is a sign
a symptom
a result

the rainbow around the sun
the grass growing left or right

it's so noisy today
but its nice here anyway
with you by the river
separated into all its parts
its hard to tell where the sky starts
and the gourd grows

the universes are one and poetic
singing a diffident chorus in my eyes
she can talk to colors
and they obey her every olfactory taste

i thought that sounded like a magpie
but the crow tricked me
i knew there must have been something wrong
when his photosynthetic cry shed a tear

'oh dear who said the end is near'
but i just stared there
beside the future paved canal
and went back to sleep
it's wormy here
with all these people crawling around
they kill with their cars don't they?

the silt sifted slowly
in silent reminiscences of sour gas being spewed
what's that you say
you think its all bullshit
how hot is it today?


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