Sunday, July 2, 2006

a sonnet song in three part harmony

beginning now the world is better for
trees and grasses and fields
(fresh air and water, its beautiful)
the creatures who inhabit every niche.
no polluting automobiles
(let's go for a swim, you and i)
no longer will a voice be voiceless. store
nature has taken back her soil
(in the ocean, right now)
your hatred back in atavistic breach,
elegant weeds begin to coil
(naked and free, alive)
to never greet again the way it was;
around old rusty artifacts
(immersed by warm embrace)
when killing seemed to rule heartless men.
oh yea, i remember that
(look at the sandpipers over there)
dividing species; that's what ego does,
it's so easy now to laugh
(it's funny how they all fly together)
to fill a thoughtless mind but that was then.
lay back and look at the clouds
(and all land at the same time)
no more shall grief and lies be seen to pass
watch the sun behind their shroud
(what a gorgeous moment)
across the faces of our earthly kin.
i could lay here forever
(i'm thankful it never has to end)
"believe", i heard a whisper from a lass.
and ever and ever and ever
(i'll always love this place)
she held my hand and said to enter in.
throw your watch away
(it is home for each one of us)
"the place is here, the time is right to live
just watch how children play
(all together)
for you; for me; for us; we all shall give".


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