Friday, July 21, 2006

Let the flowers of humanity grow

'what do you people want anyway?'
the workmen kept digging
i don't think they care about hurting others
as long as they keep getting paid

men like to make loud noises
the bass in their big black pick-up trucks
acts like some sort of grouse mating call
'thinkin' with yer dick again 'eh?'

the only difference between men and women
is how their stupid parents bring them up
give the girl a doll
and the boy a truck

parents are the biggest propagators of ignorance
(stick your kid in the back of your suv
with the exhaust pumping right in your sprog's face
everyone who drives a fossil fuel burning car
is an ecological terrorist)

they are supposed to take care of their kids
teach them to think ethically for themselves
instead what do they do
drill into their sponge minds the way its always been
parents never change their prejudiced views
how can a kid learn how to improve her life
when her parents, teachers and upholders of the combine
just want her as an economic tool
bloody fools

everything you see is a sign
learn how to read it
learn what it means
everything around you is a symptom
learn what has caused it
instead of altering the result with poison
now you've really fucked her up

talk to her
don't pump her with chemical concoctions
listen to her
don't punish her when she's being obnoxious

it's no wonder kids hate authority
it's like a dandelion that just wants to grow
it knows
but some people don't want her there

99% of what you've been taught
is taught just to serve someone else's idea
of the way they think it should be
so they can make lots of money

'money can be exchanged for goods and services'
yea it can also be used to keep food from the needy
and give pick-up trucks to the greedy

drop out of the way its always been
serve me at the expense of you
turn on to a better way of universal unity with all beings
through caring about others for a change
then tune back in to tell others what you know
and let the flowers of humanity grow


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