Sunday, July 2, 2006

cum together

and so here it is;
it's always okay to be a loser
and think things that could never possibly

if you believe,
you've just created your reality;
but what to dream?
make it a good one.

you know, like the sun
you see.

it's always great to be hated;
to be reviled and berated.
there are battery chickens and veal calves
yet some still choose to laugh.

to hell with it!
he who commits suffering upon another
shall have his heart sheered of any joy
and deserve every minute.

ponder another's pain,
real pain, you know?
like trusting someone to not hurt you
and then they end it by killing you.

STOP tricking the vulnerable.
stop exploiting the weaker.
if you were in their shoes
you'd never agree to
what you do.

let this be a sermon
i mean everything i said.
baby i'm determined
and if you keep it up
you'll be dead.


it's all alright to me,
and it could all be
so amazingly beautiful
if we could all feel
real love
for every creature and every being.
believe, and make it happen.

it kinda starts in your stomach,
like an orgasm,
then moves up into your brain.
it blows around your head
like a million elm seeds
scattering in the
thoughts meander like a restless
inside a letter box
and flourishing.

oh christ let it grow
don't ever let it go.
a dream is only as good as the dreamer.
compassion for others is a good start,
indeed the greatest beginning.

imagine you're one of them


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