Monday, July 3, 2006


oh dear god, what have i done.
what, what is it?
i've done a really stupid thing.
oh christ, what is it this time?
i can't say, i'm too embarrassed.
and ashamed too?
spill it.
i thought i was being more clever than i actually am...
i fucked up.
so, what did you do?
i sent an email to brian.
you mean douchebag?
what did you say in the email?
it was nothing really. we were talking the other day about ethics regarding pastor gower's sermon this last sunday and what a person ought to do and how ought implies can and so forth but the tone of it, though not mean or anything was just kind of arrogant and i don't know just really full of myself you know.
only all too well.
so anyway, then i ended the message by saying 'keep up the good work douchebag'
so what's the big deal?
the big deal is that douchebag's email address is right next to our minister's and i accidentally sent the message to pastor gower and realized it only after i sent it
i know, what am i going to do?

thankfully this scenerio was only a dramatization but future mistakes such as these may happen to you if you are not more careful in paying attention to whom your emails are being sent to in the future ~ Criswell


Jughead said...

word to the wise...STAY OUT OF RIVERDALE !

anti-jughead said...

you should be called "crownhead" you too much eating and never gaining weight freak!

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