Friday, October 15, 2010

Gas Stations in Edmonton With Free Air For Tires

.50 cents or even $1.00 for a few minutes of compressed air to fill your tires!? what a rip-off, like these major gas companies don't make enough money! i put some air in my tires today and was only able to get two finished before the machine turned off and i had to put in another .50 that pissed me off!
damn you capitalism and damn you adam smith!

 here are a couple of gas stations in edmonton that are still offering free air:

central tire
9914 - 109 st
aww, look at how cute and happy the little car is

hughes car wash gas & diesel bar
7110 - 82 ave

i'm not sure if all hughes have free air but this one does anyway (it's probably a safe bet that they do. for other locations in edmonton and surrounding area, click here).

because these places are still offering free air to customers, unlike the thieving big gas giants (when are they gonna fuck off and go nova!) it would be a nice gesture to give them your business if you want a fill-up or need some repair work done (and perhaps giving the attendant a big hug and flashing him a peace sign on your way out wouldn't hurt either).