Saturday, June 24, 2006

Starship Boobyprise (you're killing yourself)

starship boobyprise flying tonight
look up way up in the sky and see a surprise
toe jam underpants skidding awhile
in the alley garbage can a loner on trial

big bob restaur awnt eating a meal
throwing down a water jug and pricking her heal
keep clean gasoline runnin' away
awful airy kinda scary froggy 'l say

stop check polarise the sun is okay
on a blurry undertaker acting a play
rubdown octogon meeting inside
periwinkle bloomin' on a lawn of a guy

someday cauterize flowin' in town
a boil a minute drippin' on an indigent clown
eat quick nevermind pick up the pace
save a little extra for a man in the race


nappy said...

...where have you been all my life?!

I hope this becomes a song someday, sang by Meatloaf.

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