Friday, June 9, 2006


lotsa people like stuff. i once knew a guy who had ...oh never mind it's a long boring story but's something i know you'll really like. look up now and tell me what you see. it tiz no surprise now what you see is me. how come stupid things are so dumb?

I have several questions pour vous:
1) what's that guy doing?
2) who went where in his pajamas?
3) is that thing on my head getting bigger?
4) how come the ugly people are always everywhere?
5) is it wrong to have an acid flashback?
6) who said, "today is the day i break wind forever"
7) if you and i are here is it best we do in fact 'put it there'
8) can you lift a hundred pounds
9) it's too hot today?
10) won't you come home bill daily?

well these are not easy questions to answer but i shall try
1) juggling
2) brian keith in st. gary's cathedral
3) only when it is humid
4) because that is the way the "littlest hobos" of the world like it
5) only if it's longer than seven yards
6) gassy harry and the 3rd avenue minstrels
7) not necessarily though to be honest, yes under no circumstances
8) of feathers or bricks? that is the real conundrum
9) not if you're a leotard
10) this is a trick question, nobody wants bill daily back home

something to consider on those long nights away from your favorite alcoholic.



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