Saturday, June 24, 2006

you gotta look good in a gallery getting a tow

a towel in audio families holding their own
deriding a camelot paradise feeling at home
expending the energy lifting a bucket a gore
a meaningless solitude happily washing ashore

parading a remedy catalogue fitting the bill
a rabbit is holding a memory after the kill
podiatry walking impossibly going astray
he couldn a written a doodle an gotten away

a rower in oreo elegy idley doze
a cat of a kind of carnival comin' he goes
away an away an aware he is saddling up
a capital column a cavity filling the cup

essentially anything older regarding a pole
aladin 'l laugh an 'l live in a liquory hole
celerity larry an' loonier louis 'l know
y' gotta look good in a gallery getting a tow


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