Saturday, June 10, 2006

The problem with England

the problem with england is this. they will take something cool from america and just add a chimney sweep. whether it's music, television, movies or sports, whatever the brits fancy from across the pacific, to claim it as their own they will simply add a chimney sweep. cut it out britain, enough's enough. you're not fooling anybody over here with your "ew needs a sweep then guvnah?" or "clean your soot squire?" we know what it's all about and it's painfully clear. you have simply run out of ideas of your own, so to make it seem original you do this pathetic smoke passage preener impersonation of something usurped. well no more england, the games over, and i for one shall be packing up my board and thanking the good ol' u.s.of a's uncle sam that i still got plenty of fire power left in this six gun shooter to hit a bulls eye clear across this side of the rio grande. better luck next time matey.


Anonymous said...

oi, yankee doodle. quit running down the great british chimney sweep tradition. everyone knows that you yanks just steal everything from us and take OUT the chimney sweep. that's why your chimneys are so bloody sooty.

limey princess

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