Friday, June 30, 2006

A Loon Shall Be Wailing At Quarter Past Two

so what a surprise
the man is alive
and feeling his way to the door
i cannot regret
the things i forget
like calling the neighbor the whore

i tell you it's true
the older they grew
the more they became like a tree
but then it became
a little insane
when xylem and phloem were free

to ooze from the bark
it was oh such a lark
to become what the elders did fear
but i didn't care
cause i had a flare
for dousing my mind in a beer

it was so long ago
and such a good show
i caught the third act of the play
she said 'how are you'
i said 'good as new
but my body is older today'

and so it would be
that the neighbors could see
just how lonely a loner should get
when he fiddles away
all the plasticine clay
cause it's drying from being too wet

so long ago now
it was once very loud
but seems to have calmed a bit down
i lost my red touque
on the top of the roof
because of that stupid fat clown

this could go on all night
when the turn of the light
reveals what shouldn't be seen
the ghost's of the years
though nary a tear
shall be shed for a guy whose so mean

but i'm not really mean
i'm just drawn it would seem
to look like a crusty old fart
if you look deep inside
to the heart of the guy
you will see where the rest never start

so goodbye my friend
until next time i send
you a greeting from us unto you
i will carry a tune
on a harp and a loon
shall be wailing at quarter past two


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