Friday, June 16, 2006


Hey buddy, do yourself a huge favor and download for the good of the planet the super fabulous, ultra fantastic, one of a kind, out of this world, VEGANARCHIST TOOLBAR! YAY! Yes that's right kids it's here, the one nobody has asked about for years has finally arrived and you, yes you, the one reading this right now have the opportunity of a lunchtime to have this tremendous useless instrument on your computer right now, this very second but you have to act quickly, for you see....I'm dying and it would really make me happy if you would download my wickedly mucilaginous? toolbar. It really is a wonderful addition to any family but don't take my word for it, just look at these mostly favorable testiclemonials:

  1. 'I like' says some guy I never met
  2. 'what's that blue thing?' wonders the young squire as he calls faithfully to his jovial steed
  3. 'I have never in all my life witnessed such a load of shi...' hey now how did that one get in there
  4. 'this is the greatest toolbar nay tool period that has ever been invented in the history of mankind perhaps even more remarkable than the creation of life itself' dw declare

Well there you have it. Now you too can own this sensual bar shaped like a tool and love and caress it for days to come as your very own. just click on the link below and let the merriment begin!

(now click on the link above)


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