Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Phospholipid Beatle Riddle...And More

(The year is '68 or 9, with John and Paul both feeling fine. They've supped a little think or two, let's join them...NOW!...and see what's new...)

 Say Paul?

Yea John?

Why don't you write a song about a phospholipid droplet?

Em, what'll I call it then John?

Micelle (ma belle).

What, you mean one of these then?

The very same.


(later that same day)

Heya John?

Yea Paul?

After listening to the album you did with Yoko where you both shout and squeal and make an all 'round silly racket, I reckon I know what you should call it now.

Oh aye, and what's that then?


You better run for your life mate!

(as John chases him, Paul runs away screaming...)

I've got a feeling I should have known better!


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