Sunday, November 7, 2010

Creationists - I.E. Con Artists

Just a little something for all the creationists (i.e. con artists) out there who honestly believe that the earth is only 6000 years old, beginning at sunset on October 22, 4004 BC according to Archbishop James Ussher (shams jeer us). This is equivalent to believing that The Grand Canyon is only 2 mm deep! Well, that makes for an easy hike down the South Kaibab Trail.For shits and giggles, have a look at this news release from PEER (Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility) from 2006 entitled, HOW OLD IS THE GRAND CANYON? PARK SERVICE WON’T SAY. I must say this would be laughable if it weren't so lamentably true how these creationist con artists are allowed to promote deliberate obscurantism by manipulating government officials and the press in their insidious attempt to brainwash the gullible and ignorant. But I suppose once a person knows the facts based upon actual evidence rather than tradition, authority or revelation (believing something because it "feels" right) then those who continue to spread misinformation and falsehoods no longer have the power to molest the minds of people and have lost control over them (and their wallets). Similar tactics are used by global warming deniers as well and all those greedy rednecks who still believe that poisoning the land and air due to our extraction and use of oil and gas is beneficial because it "serves the economy".
Meanwhile more people are getting cancer, more animals are being displaced and killed and more pollution and garbage is rotting the planet...but i digress.


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