Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nothing's Amiss Gif

 just when i think that my freedom has come
they pull me aside and say "you're the one
who must stay behind, you're not broken yet,"
as new walls are built made of iron and cement
around me to block all the trees and the sky.
and when i look up into his bad eye
i beg and say, "please, i'll cure that for you
just let me go now out into the blue"

he says, "it is not my decision to make.
my leader has spoken and now it's too late.
but you should be proud 'cause you're singled out."
i say, "it's not fair" as i scream and i shout.

i didn't pretend they were getting to me
i still have a semblance of some sanity
but as i gaze down to the ground far below
the joke is on them, 'cause i'm gonna go

and so my dear friends the lesson is this
let them believe there's nothing amiss
they've broken your will and they're in control
but inside you're free...just don't let them know.


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