Thursday, August 24, 2006

golden curled Phoebus and his intemperate light

את ברא
lying asleep we're sedate
bring back the universe
it's never too late to live inside the aisle
for a while
when you leave the picture show

perfidus granum
growing in the air
across the alley under the glare
the love is within and diligere
take care
i read the news today אבוי

i said of laughter it is mad
and of mirth, what doeth it
i made a versprechen
and all before breakfast

ponder me until the falling leaves
and the winter reams her out
the air is crisp with fleece
and done with transparencies

she saw through the window
her eyes rejecting back
a is for apple
j is for jack
a liniment of rum can cure all that

understanding intellectus
love's adobe will infect us
in truth a say verily vero
the number's one which came from zero

old fashioned shepherd's purse
willing toward a second verst
climbing up she reached her goal
the dream is begun just like of old

embryonic elegance
forty asian elephants
3 notes are all you need
for a good idea to conceive

wrapped in squabbling clothes
the baby cried for fresh air
the muscles in her lungs contracted
and pulled in the carbon monoxide

she bought a new truck today
and befouled the lord's breath
she's god awful luck today
i wonder who'll be neckßt
the life is coming out of the earth

you've finally went and done it
you maniacs
what exactly is within your being
why don't you let the best be realised
and all the rest be lysed


remember summer of 1978
if love was there it's certainly great
it's all there in your sedimentary banks
be guilty and give thanks


Anonymous said...

Dostoevsky, good taste.

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