Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Plasticine Group by dwdeclare (2012)

here is my homage to hugh townley's eugene group, an eight figure sculpture located in alton baker park in eugene oregon. i felt a little like richard dreyfuss in close encounters making these, "this means something...this is important!". next, i'll make the sculpture using mashed potatoes.
plasticine group (2012), by dwdeclare
compare this to the original
the middle "prong" on the head of the figure on the right appears to have been broken off. i decided to make that one with the prong intact, thus making everything alright in the universe again.
another comparison
photo credit for lower picture, auzigog on flickr

the following is a picture of "plasticine group" with an image of "eugene group" projected onto it.

i just thought this one looked cool...kind of like it's made out of jujubes


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