Saturday, December 11, 2010

About A Lugubrious Stare

hypo or hyper
a cloth for a diaper
he called for a fiddle or crab
a manatee eel
a malady feels
like picking a virulent scab

indigent waiter
the ironing made 'er
a slave to a reasoning bloke
but idling wankers
competing with bankers
put hair on a bicycle spoke

connecting a coddle
performing a dawdle
in snowy ridiculous climes
palladium theater
a popsicle peter
engaging american dimes

going in pieces
reciting a thesis
about a maniacal lad
another potato
on top a tomato
the one that made kennedy glad

the manna from heaven
at ten to eleven
had all of the biblical hits
with revels and shovels
they covered the bubbles
the camel's abundantly lit

apocryphal noodle
a pup and a poodle
were walking around in a daze
the greener the grass is
for jackie onassis
the more will it fuel the blaze

assumption is somethin'
to pump up a pumpkin
'cause halloween apples are gone
corona's a bonus
on you is the onus
to make it all right to be wrong

a little a lottle
the middle's a model
for how to react in a pinch
gargantuan girls
eat out with a whirl
but never remember to flinch

mechanical camera
corralling a llama
who got a bit outta the air
designing a nail
to hang up a tale
about a lugubrious stare


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