Friday, August 21, 2009

kcaB tI ekaT I

on july 25th i made a disparaging comment about people who like the indy using the mosquitoes to make my point. well i'd like to take it back so here goes...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Beatles "Butcher" Cover

that same year, in 1966, the beatles also released revolver with the ultrarare "candlestick maker" cover. unfortunately once again stores refused to stock the album but this time on the grounds that it wasn't controversial enough.

so in 1967 they tried again with sgt pepper and the release of the "baker" cover. however this time, much to their chagrin, they were beaten to the punch when a similar album cover was issued a few months earlier by the american band jefferson airplane for their album "surrealistic phyllo".

with the deadline for the release of sgt pepper quickly approaching, the beatles hastily assembled several cutout pictures from magazines lying around abbey road studios in london to create what would become the front of the best selling album cover to that time by any band without a "three men in a tub" theme.